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There are three advantages of wireless mobile hard disk in backing up important data.



With smart devices, people don’t like those tedious things anymore. For electronic devices, data lines sometimes become a more troublesome accessory. Especially after the popularity of wireless transmission, many people have developed the habit of going out without data lines. Wireless sharing has become more and more convenient. if you want to recover deleted files from usb, you can use this use drive.

If you choose a storage tool now, the editor will definitely recommend that you prepare a wireless mobile hard disk, backing up the data is fairly simple. Wireless mobile hard disk can exchange and transmit data directly without transmitting data lines. The data line can be directly omitted and connected to the mobile phone. The data in the mobile phone can be transferred to the hard disk for storage, and the mobile phone space can be freely released. It is quite convenient to continue taking pictures and recording videos.

Most importantly, wireless mobile hard disk not only supports wireless transmission, but also supports local area interconnection and remote connection. With these three modes of transmission, it becomes easier to share data among multiple smart devices. Whether you were in the Internet or not, you could exchange, transfer and transfer data between different devices, and storage of data became much more convenient.

App application is more in line with users’ habits

Without data lines, the APP client becomes an important channel to manage data. Here I have to recommend the App client of abigaert smart mobile hard disk. Diversified function design, more humanized module settings and labeled image management are quite in line with user’s usage habits.

Optimizing the APP client to facilitate data management: Users can use the client to achieve the connection between smart handheld devices and mobile hard disks. Since iBIG OS 4.0 came online, it has been much more convenient to use abigat smart mobile hard disk.

In the iBIG OS 4.0 interface, the priority of several functional modules is adjusted, and the function modules such as backup and upload, which are more needed by users, are separately set up in the menu bar, which makes the operation of users more convenient. The recently added recording module helps users to understand their own operation records and task data in more detail, which facilitates users to manage data more intuitively.

Tagging function module facilitates data classification: Abigat smart mobile hard disk client takes pictures as the entry point for tagging processing. If users need to view specific pictures, iBIG OS can capture specific information of specific pictures and tag them. With the help of iBIG OS intelligent operating system, multiple collections and dimensions can be searched, and the pictures can be positioned intelligently and accurately.

Not only can you find the picture you want by keywords of time axis, recent upload and details of the picture, but also can you retrieve the picture with the same attributes. Tagging enhances users’ smooth experience in retrieving data.

App can manage multiple hard disks at the same time: iBIG OS client can use the data channel of users’ multiple abygut intelligent storage devices, add multi-disk management function, users can directly click on the name of the hard disk to manage the hard disk files, and can also slide left and right to view the data of multiple hard disks, so that users can more easily integrate the data of multiple hard disks. In this way, you can build your own multiple disks into a personal cloud system, and this APP becomes the control center. It can manage multi-disk data at any time without downloading multiple APPs. It takes up space and is easy to confuse.

Paying attention to data security is the most important thing: using wireless mobile hard disk to backup data, and the most reassuring point is: storage security. When you build your own « cloud storage » center that you can keep at any time, all the data is in your grasp, and it becomes very safe in itself. In addition, the iBIG OS client’s recycling station function supports multiple discs deleted data to remain valid for 30 days, prevents file loss caused by user error operation, and improves data security.

PP provides interconnection and learning opportunities: in iBIG OS client, other audio, VR, document data can be viewed, intelligent interconnection is realized, and data flow between different devices and fields is opened. At the same time, if you haven’t mastered the use of this wireless mobile hard disk, don’t be afraid. App provides Abbey class with a small function a day and two forms of video teaching to help you use the mobile hard disk more conveniently and conveniently, while better managing your own backup data.

Transmission speed meets user expectations

Wireless mobile hard drives are not without data lines. When connecting to computers, data lines will surely come faster. Of course, even for data line transmission, users begin to attach importance to the choice of interface. The Type-C interface is clearly the mainstream, supporting both positive and negative interpolation, and OCD patients no longer need to worry about it. At the same time, it also has greater scalability in speed. Abigaert Intelligent Mobile Hard Disk adopts the popular transmission mode of Type-C interface + USB3.0 interface. When connecting to notebook, it can achieve the purpose of fast transmission of data.

From the test results, the maximum continuous reading speed of Abigaert smart mobile hard disk is 124.8MB/s, and the maximum writing speed is 124.5MB/s, which meets the access needs of most users, and also meets the speed expectation of USB 3.0 storage tools. When you want to transfer data from a mobile hard disk to a computer for storage, this speed can also effectively improve transmission efficiency.

Extended Reading: It’s reliable to use wireless mobile hard disk as home data center

If the whole family has saved a lot of photos and videos during the Spring Festival holidays, it will be more troublesome to transmit data to each other. It is better to use the wireless mobile hard disk as the home data center and directly import all mobile phone and camera data into the hard disk to save. When everyone wants to view other people’s photos and videos, it’s OK to connect to the hot spots on the hard disk through the client.

You can download and save interesting pictures you want to keep according to your needs, or you can backup your data to your hard disk for other people to access. In this way, we can not only ensure that our smart handheld devices are not occupied by redundant data, but also ensure that important data is properly preserved.

Of course, the advantage of choosing a wireless mobile hard disk as a home data center is not only to back up data, but also to help you manage your data more efficiently and sequentially. Labeled image settings, search the same series of photos is very convenient, to clean up redundant data is also very fast; upload and download data is not limited by the speed of the external network, also not limited by location, more arbitrary to achieve. Most importantly, in this data center, you can see different people anytime and anywhere, and there are more interesting scenery.

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